Step 4: Feedback

While students are in the process of doing their Challenge, we need to give feedback to check that the correct memories are being formed.  This can take many forms:

  • verbal
  • written
  • self-assessment
  • peer assessment
  • questioning

However, getting feedback is not enough. It has a similar effect as Presentation – about 5% retention.  To form better memories the student must act on the feedback and make an improvement to their work.

Not all types of feedback are equally effective.  Researcher have seen 4 types:

  • Personal: such as ‘well done’, ‘not enough effort here’, ‘grade 3’, ‘65%’.  Effect on learning – very little
  • Task based:  Gives the student the answer, tells them exactly what to do.  Effect – very little.
  • Process based:  Asking questions which get the student to think about the task.  “What do you need at the end of a sentence?”
  • Self regulation: Training the student to be like the best students – those who check their own spelling and punctuation, for instance.