Using technology effectively

Millions have been spent on technology for learning,but, the evidence suggests, it has not been well spent.  

Inneffective use of technology

  • A belief that simply having the technology can improve learning
  • Students in sufficiently supervised so that they are off task
  • Time spend getting the whole class’s tech working
  • Where the use of tech replaces a more effective teaching/learning activity
  • Teachers with little training in the use of technology

Effective uses

  • Using technology toimplement an evidence-based methiod (eg mind-mapping software, od displaying graphics or animations)
  • Training for teachers both in the technical side of using the tech, but also the pedagogical (learning) value of the tech.
  • Use tech for short, focussed sessions, not for the whole course
  • Used in catch-up sessions for low-achieveing or disadvantaged students
  • Use where it will free the teacher to spend more time helping students
  • Use where students will work harder at the task
  • Collaborative uses work better