Book: Fundamentals of Teaching

The material on this website has been drawn together, extended and published in this easy-access book.

  • combined five major sources of evidence
  • the effective methods arranged as five-steps in the order you will use them to teach a topic
  • a brain-based explanation for each method
  • case studies from real teachers using that method

It’s called ‘The Fundamentals of Teaching’ because not only have we only included methods identified by at least two research-reviews, but we are also able to show why these methods work (and why some others do not) by using a simple-to-follow ‘theory of learning’ which emerges from the evidence.

The book itself is quite short and has a good number of illustrations. Each method has case studies of real teachers applying the method and references to other sources of explanation for the method.

Teachers find it easier to try something out if they know why it works rather than just knowing that it works.

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Introduction to the book
The five-step learning cycle