EBTN ‘Theory of Learning’ project

In this section we are developing a shared theory of learning.  To see the current agreed material, see the sub-pages in this section.

To see the draft material, see this blog – look under ‘Theory of Learning’.

We are using the available understanding of how the brain learns to explain the evidence found elsewhere on this website.

The team

We have a group of over 100 teachers who are consulted on the material for the theory.  In addition, we post links to the material via the @evidenceteach Twitter account and also directly contact experts in the field for their views.


Draft material is posted on this blog and the working group is contacted.  They comment on the draft and, when wide agreement is reached, the page will be uploaded to this website.

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If you would like to join the team by responding to draft material etc, please fill in the form opposite.

If you would simply like to see what we do, just keep an eye on this website and the newsletter