Institute for Educational Sciences (IES)

inst-ed-scienceOrganizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning

A peer-reviewed report from a well-respected organisation.

All the recommendations are included in our 6-step approach.


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1: Space learning over time

2: Interleave worked example solutions and problem-solving exercises

3: Combine graphics with verbal descriptions

4: Connect and integrate abstract and concrete representations of concepts

5: Use quizzing to promote learning

5a: Use pre-questions to introduce a new topic

5b: Use quizzes to re-expose students to information

6: Help students allocate study time efficiently

6a: Teach students how to use delayed judgment of learning techniques to identify concepts that need further study

6b: Use tests and quizzes to identify content that needs to be learned

7: Help students build explanations by asking and answering deep questions