Sources of evidence


Since this is a practical resource for teachers, the website does not include the detailed references. If you are interested, you can find the original research via the publications used.  You will not find the original research papers referenced in EBTN.  This is because we work only with evidence compiled when individual studies are combined – called ‘research reviews’, ‘meta-studies’ or ‘meta-analyses’.  See ‘What is EBT?’

Types of evidence

There are two main types of evidence used by EBTN:

  • the results of classroom experiments which show us which methods work best
  • cognitive science research which shows what’s happening in the brain during learning

In this section you will find:

Sources include the meta-studies by Marzano and Hattie, Geoff Petty’s ‘Evidence-Based Teaching’, the Best Evidence Encyclopedia, Education Endowment Foundation, research on effective CPD and a range of publications on the neuroscience of learning (details under ‘Books’).