Evidence Based Teachers Network is open to anyone in the teaching profession interested in using evidence-based methods in their classroom or as a strategy for improving learning in their school/college.

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 Reasons for joining EBTN

Why join this network?

Some early members of the network were asked to complete the sentence:  “I signed up for the EBT network because…..” The main reasons included:

  • helpful in their role in their school or college;
  • access to effective methods;
  • that the ideas were thought provoking;
  • that they wanted to keep up-to-date with new ideas

A useful network? The same teachers were asked to complete the sentence:  “The EBT network will be useful to me if……” Their suggestions included:

  • contacts with other teachers
  • sharing resources and best practice
  • practical advice which can be used in the classroom
  • keeping up-to-date with developments
  • making sense of the learning process

They also wanted the material accessible and easy to follow. 

On this website you will find:

  • Definitions of evidence-based teaching
  • Classroom methods which work
  • Myths and methods with little effect
  • How to organise effective staff training
  • A place to sign up and join EBTN
  • Past EBTN newsletters
  • Books which show where the evidence comes from
  • Training courses in EBT
  • Links to other evidence-based education sites


Pasi Sahlberg, author of Finnish Lessons

“……It’s great to see EBTN bringing together teachers who want to apply evidence about what works rather than the latest fad.”  see full comment

Geoff Petty, author of Evidence-Based Teaching

“…….I hope my Evidence Based Teaching and the EBTN will help you in this exciting journey.”  see full comment

Estelle Morris, former Education minister

“……..I am therefore delighted to see the level of interest by teachers in the EBT Network……..”   see full comment

Dylan Wiliam,  author/advocate for Formative Assessment

“…… That is why I welcome the Evidence Based Teachers Network.” see full comment

John Hattie, author of Visible Learning.

”…….  I hope the EBT Network acts as a regular reminder to use the methods which work best – and not just the ones you usually use. …….” see full comment