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You have selected the Larger school member (25-125 teachers) membership level.

For schools/colleges with between 25 – 125 teaching staff.  This level gives all your staff access for £200 a year.

Choose username and password which reflects your school and which teachers will easily remember.

Members have access to the College pages which give:

  • more detail:for using the method or for explanation
  • useful video clips:all checked for relevance and usefulness
  • links:to sources and further reading
  • etc

If you have more than 125 teachers, simply take out multiple memberships ( eg St Zillions 1, St Zillions 2 etc) or contact up for a quote.

The price for membership is £200.00 per Year.

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College membership terms and conditions

Network membership terms and conditions

Individual membership

You may:

  • use the material for your own personal use.

You may not:

  • share your login with others.
  • use the materials for staff training etc
  • make this material available to others either by print or electronic distribution.

School/College membership

You may:

  • share your login with as many staff as you have paid for
  • use the material for internal staff training

You may not:

  • share your login details or make this material available either by print or electronic distribution with others outside your organisation.